“Luann is a responsive speaker who is adept at fusing humor, audience participation, cultural analysis, and personal experience to create dialogue, connections and community. I teach an interdisciplinary undergraduate course called “Examining Popular Culture,” and some of my goals for the course include: establishing a community connection with local production, connecting popular culture to social justice, and supporting the students in considering themselves as cultural creators. Luann’s partnership with our course and her guest lecture was participatory and thoughtfully supported all of these goals. She is imaginative and flexible in her ideas about possibilities for collaboration. With her broad experience as a cultural worker, web-series creator, writer, actor, and activist, she is able to draw lively and important connections between social issues, movement building, and other creative pursuits. My students and I were delighted with how Luann got us talking and laughing together, and grateful for her generous and enthusiastic approach.”

– Cassia Gammill, Adjunct Instructor at Portland State University

― Cassia Gammill