Brown Girl: Decolonized

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Interview: Performance Artist, Eisa Jocson

I had the honor of interviewing Eisa Jocson, Filipina performance artist and featured performer at this year’s Time-Based Art Festival presented by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Our interview took place a few days before her show at BodyVox and I had the opportunity to talk to her about her work, what inspired her two pieces, Death of the Pole Dancer and Macho Dancer, and what audiences can expect to see at her show.

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It isn't an assertion of privilege, or anything of the sort. It's how men keep their testicles from being too hot to produce sperm properly. I simply cannot grasp why women are offended, either. To ensure that you cannot call this 'a man defending his balls,' I'll have you know I'm a eunuch. I don't have testicles. I haven't for a long time; you need to stop thinking that this is about dominance. It is literally how men are biologically programmed to sit. Nothing more or less than that.

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nonetheless, welcome to “Men Defending Their Balls

"It is literally how men are biologically programmed to sit" HAHAHA.

Once something has come into being, it continues to exist independent of my will. It’s like a memory. You know how a memory can be - especially a memory you wish you could forget but you can’t. It’s just like that.

Haruki Murakami